Definitive maps!

It's not very often I sing the praises of our government, at any level. However, the very same councils have actually done something useful for once and come up trumps with some awesome websites providing users with the very latest, up-to-date, interactive maps of all public rights of way throughout their respective counties. If you check these first you cannot usually go wrong, legally at least!

With the exception of Kent County Council, the information is presented via a 'clickable' map which zooms in to show you which lanes are legal to drive and which aren't, and as such are an incredibly valuable source of information for the green lane enthusiast. Kent County Council present no online information: you'll have to drop in to Maidstone or one of their outposts to have a look at their map in person! Further, the Isle of Wight County Council's website seemingly contains no information on active TRO's, which, in short, makes it no more useful than an OS map.

So, here are the links. Bookmark them and check back before every trip!
Also, Sussex Police and East Sussex County Council have set up 'Operation Pathwatch' in order to simplify the process of reporting anti-social/illegal off-roaders wrecking the byways in Sussex. If you see anyone behaving like a vandal, or fly tipping for that matter, please report them by following the link below.

For more information, please see the following, taken from their own Twitter feed:

"esccrightsofway Sussex Pathwatch is for reporting any illegal/irresponsible off-road driving: or call 101 & mention Operation Pathwatch"