Despite our membership of the Green Lane Association Ltd, this web site is not affiliated to any society, organisation or other body. We aim to be completely impartial, but even so any opinions expressed on this we site are purely our own and do not represent that of the wider green lane community. 

In no way does the inclusion on this web site of a particular Byway Open To All Traffic (BOAT), Unclassified Country Road (UCR), or other public right-of-way necessarily mean it is currently legal for vehicular access, nor does it provide proof of, nor imply there is or was on any given date, nor confer any right of access to, motorised vehicles of any sort. All sites were open to motorised traffic within the provisions of all applicable laws and byelaws when we visited it, but it is YOUR responsibility, and NOT OURS, to ensure that any right-of-way you wish to drive is legally accessible to vehicles and not subject to a Traffic Restriction Order, closure or other restricted access order by the relevant authority. Consider access in your vehicle a privilege, rather than a right.

Neither are we responsible for damage to your vehicle, your property, your person or any third parties, and YOU are responsible for any damage you cause to a right-of-way, its borders and margins, its surface and environs, other people, their property, livestock and other animals. Our articles are merely an account of our experience when we visited a given right-of-way. They are by no means suggesting or recommending that you should undertake the same or similar actions, nor are they suggesting or recommending that if you do undertake such actions and activities that you will be successful in doing so, and if you do choose to follow in our footsteps it is entirely at your own risk. 

When we drive the lanes we constantly assess them against our driving ability, the condition of the lane and the capability of our vehicle to safely drive the lane, and weigh that against the risks of continuing. We are very experienced green laners and have been doing this for years, and just because we 'got through' it doesn't mean that you will. DO NOT TAKE RISKS. If it looks unsafe, it probably is. 

Green Lanes are public highways just like their metalled equivalents. All laws and rules of the road apply. You legally require valid insurance, an MOT and tax, etc. Straying from the designated byway is a criminal offence. If you tear around the lanes causing nuisance and damage, you will earn the instant hatred of the green laning community and the police will become incredibly interested in prosecuting you. Worse still, the relevant authority could well (and do) ban all of us from the lanes and you'll spoil the whole party for everyone. If you want to act like that, go to an off-road centre. This is not an 'extreme sport', it is a 'leisure pursuit'.

Finally, ALWAYS follow 
Land Rover Owner International magazine's 'Greenlane Code', which can be found both on this website and in every issue. Keep in mind 'as fast as necessary, as slow as possible, and tread lightly'.