A guide to the excellent byways, trails and greenlanes to be found in the south-east of England.

1 January 2015


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Welcome! This website contains over 300 reviews of our experiences driving every byway, green lane, track and trail open to vehicles in the south-eastern counties of Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and a smattering of those in Kent. Since there is only so much information that can be gleaned from an Ordinance Survey map this site serves to 'flesh out' the details for your perusal, delectation and inspiration, with an eye to getting you outdoors and enjoying (and caring for) the gloriously beautiful English countryside as much as we have!

How does this site work, then? Well:
  • the map above is fully interactive. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, and click on any marker in order to load the entry for that byway;
  • the tags on the right act as a filter (e.g. recommended country pubs);
  • the search box (top right) is self-explanatory.
A quick word on our ratings: byways rated 0 are closed to motorised traffic (subject to a TRO etc) and have only been included so you can cross them off of your map and not waste time. Those rated 1 are either metalled or so short as to be pointless. Those rated 5 are the elite and simply must be visited!

Finally, we hope you find this website genuinely useful. Also, we'd like to humbly request that if you find any errors, out-of-date information, or have any feedback or questions what-so-ever please don't hesitate to comment below the relevant articles, and please do get in touch via our Twitter. Enjoy!