UCR: Bosenhill Lane

Location: West Meon, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32, UK
  • Overall Rating: 4
  • Location: West Meon, Hampshire.
  • OS Explorer Map 132, 'Winchester, New Arlesford & East Meon'.
  • Starting OS Grid Reference: SU6275237 
  • Starting GPS Co-ordinates: N51 01' 00" W001 10' 80"
  • Finishing OS Grid Reference:  SU610257
  • Finishing GPS Co-ordinates: N51 02' 70" W001 13' 10"
  • To see: a large tumulus.
  • ALWAYS follow the Greenlane Code!

Update 15/04/18: An anonymous comment below states that Bosenhill Lane is subject to a TRO. As such, this UCR is now effectively a dead end. The ‘4’ rating it holds has now unfortunately become a ‘0’. 

Bosenhill Lane is what greenlaning is all about. An awesome UCR that we drove from its southern end in Warnford. Starting at a cottage called The Old Calf Shed (which has one of the weirdest vehicles we've ever seen in the drive: it looks like it should be a Land Rover but it isn't!), the lane heads north-west along between hedge-lined field boundaries. 

The very bumpy surface is muddy and in places the ruts can become quite deep (see photo) and encroaching foliage is also a problem as, although never dramatic enough to impede progress, will certainly leave a nice scratch or two on a nice shiny Discovery 4! Don't let that put you off though; that's why T-Cut was invented after all! 

From the cottage, the lane winds gently to the west and passes what was once a very large tumulus in the field to the west. Its position is still marked be a square patch of grass in an otherwise bare field, but it has unfortunately been all but ploughed out. The lane then heads uphill and turns gently to the north and as it does so some of the worse ruts begin. Its quite a long lane, and after cresting the hill it continues for a bit before turning hard left and merging with Green Lane, another UCR that runs east-west. 

Turning west at this point, Bosenhill Lane meets a metalled country road, where you should turn left and then, if you want to carry on driving it from this point, immediately right onto a more easy-going continuation that eventually finishes in woodland to the southeast of Hinton Ampner. The surface of this extension has been better taken care of, with builders rubble placed in some of the more bottomless pits, and as such it offers an extremely pleasant drive through deciduous woodland. A great lane.

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Anonymous said...

6/4/18,This lane is now subject to a permanent tro.Did a naughty,and rode it to see what it was like.Very difficult on a bike,it's like the Somme.The northern section is still ok.

Dempo said...

Greenlaning is a dying hobby, under siege as it is from hostile user groups and councils who will do anything to shirk their maintenance responsibilities (read: budget cuts), and so we here Modern-Day Explorers cannot possibly condone illegal access to restricted byways. Every time someone does so another nail is driven into the coffin of this hobby.

THAT SAID, I can find no reference to the permanent TRO for this byway on Hampshire County Council’s R.o.W. registry (https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/rightsofway/vehicles/tro). What have you heard that I haven’t?

Anonymous said...

Same notice for Bosenhill Lane at the cottage end,all objections and legal process to be submitted for a date,which was about a year ago.Again i'm unsure what the outcome was.Hindsight tell's me i should have taken a picture of the notice's for future reference.

Dempo said...

Thanks, I appreciate your contribution. I've updated this entry with your findings.

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