BOAT: Pudding Lane/UCR:Chapel Road

Location: Pudding Lane, Charlwood, Surrey RH6, UK
For the sake of convenience, these two technically separate lanes are included as one post, as it is not possible to drive one without the other.

Starting at the western extremity, then, Pudding Lane (the BOAT portion) leaves Norwoodhill Road in the village of Charlwood almost due east. The unkempt tarmac surface of a driveway at this stage, once passing the gates to Spottles Farm the lane reverts to a seriously rutted earthern surface. The ruts are very deep in a couple of spots and a Freelander could well ground out. On reaching a dilapidated gate, however, the ruts (strangely) end completely and the lane look very well kept indeed, probably due to the rubble that has been mixed into the earthen surface of the lane.

The lane continues in this manner until turning through over 90 degrees to the south in order to follow the course of Chapel Road. With no prizes for guessing how this lane got its name, on passing Providence Chapel the lane changes to a UCR, becomes metalled, and continues through a housing estate to finish just round the corner from where it started in Charlwood village.

For those with an interest in history, the 16th century moated manor house Charlwood Place lies just to the north of Pudding Lane (not open to the public). Lowfield Heath windmill (open once a month) can be found just to the west of Charlwood. Providence Chapel lies at the top of the UCR section, and (occasionally open for mass) was originally a garrison for Napoleonic era troops which was subsequently moved to Charlwood village in 1819. For those interested in plane-spotting, London Gatwick Airport lies very nearby to the south-east.

Providence Chapel

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Unknown said...

Hi, first visit to your site, and I am enjoying the write ups. I drove this lane today (before finding your site) in a Freelander 2 from the south east end to the north west end.

As you mention the north west end is very rutted but I was able to stay out of the ruts and drove the route fine. Carefully but fine :). Did not ground out once.

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