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Google recently changed its Maps formatting and, 'helpfully', these markers suddenly do not click through to the post in question. I am no coding wizard but I am looking into it. Please bear with me, and for now use the search box right of here! Apologies.

This website contains over three hundred reviews of our experiences driving every byway, green lane, track and trail open to motorised vehicles in the south-eastern counties of Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, the Isle of Wight and even a smattering of those in Kent. Since there is only so much information that can be gleaned from an Ordinance Survey map or Google Earth, we drive each and every byway and 'flesh out' the details of our visit on this website for your perusal, delectation and inspiration. Our aim (aside from having fun ourselves!) is to compel you to get outdoors, appreciate nature and conservation, and enjoy (and care for) the gloriously beautiful English countryside!

How does this site work, then? Well:
  • the main map (above) is fully interactive. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, and click on any marker in order to load the entry for that byway. You may want to keep this page open on its own tab for reference, but 'Home' will always bring you right back here;
  • the tags on the right of this screen act as a filter (e.g. recommended country pubs);
  • the search box (top right) is self-explanatory;
  • the tabs at the top act as short-cuts to various useful pages on this site;
  • the pictures attached to each post are 'clickable' and always provide a good example of the conditions that can be found on the byway in question
  • the maps at the bottom of each post can be fully manipulated and can even help you, via Google Maps, get directions from your location to the starting point of that byway.
A quick word on our ratings: we work on a scale of 0 to 5. Byways rated 0 are closed to motorised traffic (subject to a TRO, etc.) and have been included so that you may cross them off of your map and avoid wasting your time. Those rated 1 carry vehicular rights but are either metalled roads or so short as to be pointless. Those rated 5 are the very elite and simply must be visited (in moderation of course!

Finally, we hope you find this website genuinely useful. What we most assuredly don't condone is illegal off-roading; an act which is destroying our hobby. If that is what you are looking for, this site is not for you. Thus, when visiting the green lanes and byways, please do so in a conscientious and responsible manner and abide by our Green Lane Code. Also, we'd like to humbly request that if you find any errors or out-of-date information, have any feedback, or would simply like to ask any questions what-so-ever please don't hesitate to comment below the relevant articles, and please do get in touch via our Twitter. Enjoy!


Dom Right said...

This Awesome site has inspired me to travel further afield than my local lanes in surrey. Any plans to make the map at the top of the home page full screen ?

James Brown said...

There are plans, yes, but it was hard enough to create that one! Rest assured I'm looking into it.

I'm so glad that this site has got you out and about! That is the reason for its existence after all, so it's nice to see it working! As of the end of this summer (2013) it should be completed, with every byway in Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex completed and documented!

James Brown said...

I know this is obvious, but you do realise you can zoom in and out and scroll around on our map, right? Gotta check how obvious it is...

Paul_Burt said...

Hi, firstly to say what a great site! Thanks for creating it. We got our first Defender 110 last year and have been enjoying regular green lane adventures with the kids in the back. I run www.petersfieldmountainbikers.org.uk and thus know the RoWs round here pretty well. I notice a couple of local byways which I think are missing from your site: BOAT #47 on Hampshire map sheet #1910 (http://www.hants.gov.uk/rh/row/maps/1910.pdf) which I would think would be pretty much un-driveable, can't even ride it on my MTB and, again a not very nice one, BOAT #17 on sheet #1811 (http://www.hants.gov.uk/rh/row/maps/1811.pdf). As far as I can see both of these are free from TROs. Also have you managed to find out anything about the supposed change to Chalk Pit Lane (http://www.moderndayexplorers.net/2012/10/ucr-chalkpit-lane.html)?

James Brown said...

Hi Paul! Thanks a lot, a great deal of work has gone into it and both positive and negative feedback is always gratefully received.

In short, if you cannot find a particular byway one here yet it is simply because we haven't driven it yet! We've driven well over 3/4 of the byways in our chosen area but we still have a few to go. We shall get round to them eventually. Thanks for the head's up on those lanes though.

With regards to Chalk Pit Lane, either on WSCC or Lavant Parish Council's websites, from Google searches in general and even on the SDNP site I have not been able to find even the slightest mention. What have you heard? Finding out the exact legal status of a byway is a bit of a nightmare sometimes.

Paul_Burt said...

Hi James, Yes I equally cannot find anything saying I can't drive Chalk Pit Lane. If you do revisit Petersfield to pick up on some the yet to be covered BOATs (I also notice BOAT 745 is yet to be done, though looking at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XptlsQhOyY I don't think I'd try it) and fancy another Defender joining for the company just pop me a message (I think you can see my email via the blog postings). Cheers Paul

James Brown said...

Hi Paul, that'd be cool, we'll give you a message when we head down that way again. There aren't all that many undocumented byways left now (I reckon less than 50 left to go in the southern counties) but there are so many byways around Petersfield that that in actual fact the vast majority of green lanes we have yet to cover are in your area. There are also one or two near Basingstoke and those in the Tonbridge area. Once they're done, this site will be complete!

Don't worry about BOAT 745: if a Freelander can get through it's a pretty good bet that a Defender certainly will. It looks sandy as well, although I think I'd only try it in the dry.

Anonymous said...

Amazing site, thank you for putting in the huge effort to compile this useful information.

I am home for Christmas in my 110 new Guildford, and had never been out around here. A quick review of your site with my O/S map and I was ready to go. (An afternoon later and I've had a great time - all made possible because of ModenDayExplorers.)

James Brown said...

We're extremely glad to hear that you found this site of genuine use to you, Mr/Ms Anonymous! Guildford, as you can see from the interactive map above, has a wealth of very decent green lanes within striking distance: in fact the entire A3 corridor spoils one for choice!

Please don't hesitate to comment on any inaccuracies/changes you find on the lanes, or any experiences you would care to share, on the relevant pages here to help us keep this site up-to-date, and we wish you happy exploring!

Anonymous said...

Love the bigger map. I don't suppose you could upload a KML/KMZ file that generates the map above with markers and descriptions/links? It'd be great so I could use the markers then in Google Earth/Google Maps etc. At the moment I just open your website next to Google Earth on my PC and start tracing the routes the routes for a day out. Don't worry if not, the site already goes above and beyond, and is such a fantastic resource.

James Brown said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I don't think there is a way for me to generate a .kml file as the above map is a script based on another website that I neither have access to it's code nor the copyright for; I use it under license from them and unfortunately this means that I cannot change it (other than the size of it on my website). If anyone knows of a way around this, please let me know!

Nick McConnell said...

Just found the site after someone on the Jeep Owners Club gave me the link....brilliant site been laning since last October when I got my 4.7 Grand Cherokee (along with my good friend in his V8 Disco)...we research our routes carefuly and pay massive attention to TRO's etc Thanks for all the effort you have clearly put in on the site great resource!

James Brown said...

Thanks Nick, so glad you find it useful! You're right, a whole ton of work has gone into researching, driving and writing this site so to receive feedback like yours is a great boost. Glad to see you drive responsibly: there are still too many that don't, giving us a reputation we don't deserve. There are still a few gaps in the data here and there where some of the farther lanes have not yet been driven, but one day we might finish this site! Please, if you find anything wrong on this site during your travels please let us know: TRO's have a nasty habit of springing up without warning and it'll help us keep it relevant.

Nick McConnell said...

I have logged a lot of the lanes we have done so far all on viewranger search for me under my name...feel free to use any that can help.

Anonymous said...

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