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Google recently changed its Maps formatting and, 'helpfully', these markers suddenly do not click through to the post in question. I am no coding wizard but I am looking into it. Please bear with me, and for now use the search box right of here! Apologies.

This website contains over three hundred reviews of our experiences driving every byway, green lane, track and trail open to motorised vehicles in the south-eastern counties of Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, the Isle of Wight and even a smattering of those in Kent. Since there is only so much information that can be gleaned from an Ordinance Survey map or Google Earth, we drive each and every byway and 'flesh out' the details of our visit on this website for your perusal, delectation and inspiration. Our aim (aside from having fun ourselves!) is to compel you to get outdoors, appreciate nature and conservation, and enjoy (and care for) the gloriously beautiful English countryside!

How does this site work, then? Well:
  • the main map (above) is fully interactive. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, and click on any marker in order to load the entry for that byway. You may want to keep this page open on its own tab for reference, but 'Home' will always bring you right back here;
  • the tags on the right of this screen act as a filter (e.g. recommended country pubs);
  • the search box (top right) is self-explanatory;
  • the tabs at the top act as short-cuts to various useful pages on this site;
  • the pictures attached to each post are 'clickable' and always provide a good example of the conditions that can be found on the byway in question
  • the maps at the bottom of each post can be fully manipulated and can even help you, via Google Maps, get directions from your location to the starting point of that byway.
A quick word on our ratings: we work on a scale of 0 to 5. Byways rated 0 are closed to motorised traffic (subject to a TRO, etc.) and have been included so that you may cross them off of your map and avoid wasting your time. Those rated 1 carry vehicular rights but are either metalled roads or so short as to be pointless. Those rated 5 are the very elite and simply must be visited (in moderation of course!

Finally, we hope you find this website genuinely useful. What we most assuredly don't condone is illegal off-roading; an act which is destroying our hobby. If that is what you are looking for, this site is not for you. Thus, when visiting the green lanes and byways, please do so in a conscientious and responsible manner and abide by our Green Lane Code. Also, we'd like to humbly request that if you find any errors or out-of-date information, have any feedback, or would simply like to ask any questions what-so-ever please don't hesitate to comment below the relevant articles, and please do get in touch via our Twitter. Enjoy!