BOAT: Chalkpit Lane

Location: 2 Chalk Pit Ln, Great Bookham, Surrey KT23, UK
  • Overall Rating: 3
  • Location: Effingham, Surrey.
  • OS Explorer Map 146, 'Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate, Leatherhead & Caterham.'
  • Starting OS Grid Reference: TQ131525
  • Starting GPS Co-ordinates: N51 26' 00" W000 38' 00"
  • Finishing OS Grid Reference: TQ128536
  • Finishing GPS Co-ordinates: N51 27' 00" W000 38' 40"
  • To see: Polesden LaceyRanmore Common.
  • ALWAYS follow the Greenlane Code!
Chalkpit Lane (we never saw any evidence of the pit it takes its name from...) drives southwards from the A246 west of Leatherhead in the village of Effingham. It's pretty unremarkable when considered on its own, but when considered along with Hogden Lane it is most certainly worth a look, and scores higher because of it.

The lane offers a decent enough drive on a short stretch of concrete which quickly changes to a well tended gravel surface, and is bordered on its eastern side by a low hedgerow and on its west by a narrow strip of woodland, both of which have been recently cut back (apparently by Esso, or so says the random sign) so that they do not impede access at all (i.e. the paintwork is safe!).

At its southern end it merges with Hogden Lane, and this article is designed to be read in conjunction with that one, so please click through to it. 

Note the rubbish bag hung on the Byway sign. This should not even need to be said, but that bag should not exist. The fact it does is an embarrassment and not a good advert for the human race. Those who litter should have their hands cut off! DON'T DO IT! Full marks to the decent folk who tidied up and put it there for the use of others. (Sorry for the rant, but I despise litter. It really gets to me! As you can see.)

The junction with Hogden Lane.

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Anonymous said...

I would urge users of this lane to drive it from South to North on a day with 'VG' or 'E' visibility, as defined by BBC Weather. Turn left at the junction with Hogden lane and you will be given the most incredible view of London. From Heathrow, through the west end, over the BT Tower, past the Shard, and onto Canary Wharf. I have never seen a view of London quite as staggering as this. Its like a panoramic photo, you can pick out every building and skyscraper, with very very good optics (like a spotting telescope) you can see big ben. Bring binos and stop for a brew there. Just fantastic, would urge this lane to be boosted to a 4 or 5 rating because of this, what I believe, fantastic perk. Wonderful stuff. ('VG' visibility is adequate for spotting landmarks, but 'E' visibility will give you the clearest view, just check BBC Weather before you set off)

Dempo said...

Wow! Well we drove it on a pretty hazy day and managed to miss all of that (although there was an equally beautiful view over the countryside to be had at one stage...)! As you say, I guess that is 90% of the trick in that neck of the woods: London's air quality is so bad that if a clear day should turn up, one must seize the chance it offers!

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